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Meskanto's opportunities are knocking on your door. Enjoy safe and easy shopping with our super fast and free shipping and installment options for cash price.

Custom Printing for Name

Personalization for You; Meskanto customizes your genuine leather wallets for you.
3 Installments for Cash Price for Credit Cards
Don't miss the cash price opportunity of up to 3 installments to your valid credit card for all your purchases.
You can also split your payments into up to 12 installments.
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A Touch of Leather to Your Style.

  • Meskanto kişiselleştirme seçenekleriyle birlikte el yapımı hakiki deri çanta, cüzdan ve aksesuardan oluşan eşsiz ürünlerin tek adresidir.
  • En kolay kişiselleştirme seçenekleriyle, sevdiklerinizi özel hissettirecek hediyelerinizi, en hızlı kargo garantisiyle ve güvenle ulaştırıyoruz.
  • Yurt içi ve yurt dışı kurumsal hediye ve toptan üretim deri cüzdan, çanta için iletişime geçebilirsiniz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are completely handmade and produced from 100% genuine leather.

Orders placed before 14:00 are delivered to the cargo company on the same day , and orders placed after 14:00 are prepared and delivered to the cargo company on the next business day. Thanks to our fast shipping service, your product will reach you within 1-3 days , but delivery may take up to 7 days in case of delays caused by the cargo company.

Shipping is free on all orders.

Leather products should never be washed. Leather does not like water, deterioration may occur quickly.

To clean the leather bag, you can clean the product with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and a chemical-free cleaning material.

You can care for leather products by using 3-4 drops of almond oil or vaseline with a soft cloth. It is recommended to renew leather bags with leather care oils at regular intervals. Leather bags can last for many years with regular maintenance. To prevent crack formation, it should not be exposed directly to the sun for a long time.

Our guests who visit meskanto.com will find quality and stylish products , personalization with easy name printing options, the safest shopping and payment, the fastest shipping and 100% customer satisfaction .