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How to Make a Leather Wallet?

If you want to use a leather wallet to put your money and cards and are thinking of making this wallet yourself , how is a leather wallet made? You must learn. Once you learn the materials you will use and the construction steps, you can ensure that you have a leather wallet that suits your taste. Useful information for you about making a leather wallet;

Making Quality Leather Wallets

Making a leather wallet is not as easy as expected. Especially in order to have a quality leather wallet, you need to have the appropriate materials and dexterity. In this way, you will have a leather wallet that you can use for a long time or give as a gift.

To make a quality leather wallet, you need to choose the right materials. After preparing your materials, you can start making the wallet. At this stage, your manual dexterity is important. If you are going to do such a study for the first time, it is possible that you may fail. However, if you do not give up and make more than one leather wallet, your dexterity will improve and you can create really high-quality leather wallets.

Materials to Make a Wallet

To make a leather wallet, you need to prepare the materials completely. This way, you can have a useful leather wallet that you can use for your money and cards.

Meskanto Leather Wallet Making Materials

Meskanto Leather Wallet Making Materials

The materials you need to make a wallet are as follows:

  • 10 desi crazy leather (can also be semi analine, full vegetal or vaketa leather)
  • Metal ruler (50 cm long)
  • marking pen
  • utility knife
  • drawing ruler
  • Staple
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread
  • us needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • leather polisher

It is possible to increase the number of materials depending on the model of leather wallet you will make. In addition to these materials, you need to have a mat or stand for leather cutting and drawing processes. In this way, it is possible to obtain a wallet that looks good by cutting or drawing in accordance with the measurements you have taken.

Drawing Process

Leather Wallet Making Drawing and Mold Making Stage Select Picture

Leather Wallet Making Drawing and Mold Making Stage

You need to start making a leather wallet with the drawing process. You should use the front side of genuine crazy leather for drawing. You can use ready-made template for drawing. These templates include card holders, pocket holders, paper money holders, coin holders and photo holders.

If you have a ready-made template, you should place this template on the leather and make appropriate markings with a drawing ruler and needle. After completing the marking process, you can move on to the drawing phase.

You can use a marking pen during the drawing phase. When drawing using a marking pen, you should be careful not to shift the markings. You should do the drawing process for all the parts necessary to create the leather wallet. In this way, you can obtain pieces ready for cutting.

Leather Cutting

Leather Wallet Making Cutting Stage

Meskanto Leather Wallet Making and Cutting Stage

After completing the drawing process, you need to move on to leather cutting. You can cut the leather with the help of a utility knife. You should choose utility knives for models with a 30° angle. In this way, you can break the knife in cases where it becomes dull.

Place the metal straight ruler on the drawings as there are flat parts for the wallet. After making sure that the ruler is placed in accordance with the drawings, make the cut using the utility knife.

Be careful not to slide while cutting and to avoid any roughness in the cut. After cutting the flat parts, cut the other parts. If there are edges that need to be removed, remove the edges with a utility knife. After this process, apply leather polish to the edges.

Sewing Making

Leather Wallet Making and Sewing Stage

Meskanto Leather Wallet Making and Sewing Stage

After making the drawing and cutting the genuine leather, you can move on to the final stage for your leather wallet. This stage is the sewing stage. For the sewing process, you need to use products such as sewing needle, thread, staples and glue.

You should start the sewing process by sewing the pocket sections. After completing the sewing process, you should proceed to gluing the card holder sections. You can use glue at this stage.

After the pocket and card holders are prepared, you move on to the sewing and gluing phase of the main parts of the wallet. At this stage, you need to open sewing holes with our help to sew. Thanks to these holes, you can easily complete the sewing process.

Leather Wallet Production Polishing Stage

Meskanto Leather Wallet Production Polishing Stage

After completing the sewing of the leather wallet, you can use sandpaper to remove the rough areas. This way you get a smooth image. You can make your wallet look shiny by using leather polisher after sanding.

Leather Wallet Making Video and Free PDF Pattern

Below, we are sharing with you the video where you will find a beautiful and detailed leather wallet made of Crocodile-looking leather and a free leather wallet pattern.

How to Care for a Leather Wallet?

If you want the leather wallet you made to be long-lasting. Achieving this is possible with leather wallet maintenance. If you do proper and regular maintenance, you can use your wallet for many years.

To maintain leather wallets, you should do the following;

  • You should be careful not to stain leather wallets.
  • You should wipe the wallets regularly using a soft cloth.
  • You should ensure that the leather wallet stays away from moisture.
  • If your wallet gets wet, let it dry on its own. For this reason, do not forget to empty the wet leather wallet.
  • If cracks begin to appear on your wallet due to drying, you should use leather conditioner to eliminate the cracks.
  • Since leather has the ability to stretch, do not fill your wallet with too much money or cards. In this way, you will prevent its structure from deteriorating.

Apart from these, you should be careful when using your leather wallet to maintain it. If your hands are dirty, you should avoid holding your wallet. This way you can help keep it clean.

How to Remove Stains and Scars from Skin?

Even if you have maintained your leather wallet regularly, you may encounter stains and marks. In this case, you need to clean the leather wallet for stains.

If there is a water stain on the wallet, you can remove the stain by moistening the area where the stain is. If there are oil or dirt stains, you can use liquid soap and leather cleansing creams. In this way, oil and dirt stains are removed immediately. In this way, you can use your leather wallet clean and shiny.

The products you can use to clean a leather wallet include vinegar and soap. These products help you remove heavy stains. Additionally, it can be used safely because it does not harm the skin.

When you see a pen stain on a leather wallet, you can remove the stain with the help of an eraser. If the eraser does not work, you can prepare a mixture of milk and vinegar and apply it on the stain. In this way, pencil stains will disappear in a short time. It is also possible to use products such as cologne and acetone on pencil stains. However, since these products may damage the skin, their use is not recommended.