Meskanto Guard Siyah Mat Mini Unisex Bozuk Paralıklı Cüzdan
Meskanto Guard Siyah Mat Mini Unisex Bozuk Paralıklı Cüzdan

Meskanto Guard Black Matte Mini Unisex Coin Wallet

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Meskanto Guard Mini Unisex Coin Wallet: Small Size, Great Ease of Use!

Meskanto Guard Mini Unisex Coin Wallet is a daily accessory that attracts attention with its practical and stylish design. Here are the highlights of this tiny wallet:

Compact Size: Thanks to its mini design, this wallet can fit into any pocket and becomes an accessory you will not want to take with you in daily life.

4 Card Compartments: 4 card compartments inside the wallet allow you to carry your frequently used cards in an orderly manner.

2 Coin Compartments: 2 coin compartments designed to store your coins in an orderly manner provide you with convenience in your daily shopping.

Durable Material: Produced with Meskanto Guard quality, the wallet is made of durable and long-lasting materials.

Unisex Design: Mini Unisex Coin Wallet has a unisex design suitable for use by both men and women.

Stylish Color Options: You can choose the one that best suits your style among different color options, so you can complete your daily combinations.

Meskanto Guard Mini Unisex Coin Wallet combines practical use and elegance with its compact design. This wallet, which you can carry with you at any time of the day, stands out not only with its functionality but also with its style.

Dimensions 11 x 8 x 2 (cm)
Weight 176g.
External Material Cowhide
Liner 100% Polyester
Accessory Tensile Steel
Warranty Period 24 months
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I bought it as a birthday gift for my wife. He wanted this kind of wallet with phone compartment. The packaging was nice, but it was the card and money along with the phone, so we couldn't fit it in. He will use it as much as possible from now on :) The color is also great, the product is exactly as in the picture. Thank you also for the fast shipping.


I have been using it for a long time and have not had any problems. It is really a very high quality and useful product. Thank you for your hard work..

Sabina A.

The product is of very high quality and looks nice in the hand. Those who are thinking of buying it should definitely not miss it.

Feyza F*

Its color, texture and everything are perfect 🤩

Love Y*

It is a very useful product that fits very well in the hand. You're amazing at what you can fill inside.

Arzu K*

My order has arrived. I liked it very much, don't worry about your hands... Also, I would like to thank our friend in the printing department for his caring behavior.

Ayşegül Ö.

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